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EPS (Earthquake Protection Systems, Inc.)

EPS plant

Earthquake Protection Systems’ mission is to apply advanced seismic isolation technology to the design and construction of resilient and sustainable facilities that can function after an earthquake. Using multi-stage seismic isolation, it is now economical to design facilities to protect contents, non-structural components, and structures from damage during the most severe earthquakes. New construction can cost less than minimum code designs based on traditional ductility design. Consequently, designing for continued functionality is now an economical and practical alternative to code designs that implement only the minimum life safety standards as required by law.

EPS is the world leader in seismic isolation design and manufacture. We have the highest engineering qualifications, technologically advanced products, the broadest implementation experience, and the most comprehensive manufacturing and testing. We respond to the worldwide demand for seismic isolation bearings with on time delivery at competitive prices.

EPS plant

EPS plant

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