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Vautid GmbH

DOKA is the distributor of VAUTID GmbH which is the one of the leaders in “wear sector” since 1996.

VAUTID GmbH is the company which was founded by Dr.Ing Hans WAHL who is the inventor of “wear” definition in DIN standards, is one of the most important companies those are highly experienced and have ultimate R&D facilities in production of wear resistant products.

VAUTID has its own subsidiaries and agencies in more than 40 countries and its main products are;

  • Composite (hardfaced) wear plates
  • Harfacing welding consumables
  • Wear resistant high alloyed castings.


Beside sales of these products, DOKA is giving hardfacing services with its “hardfacing workshop” which is the biggest one in Turkey and which was founded with cooperation and support of VAUTID in 1998.

The main customers are;

  • Cement Plants
  • Steel & Iron Plants
  • Mining Industry
  • Coal Power Plants
  • Concrete Batching Plants
  • Glass Industry
  • Fertilizer Industry
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