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Wear solutions - Vautid wear plates

Sales of VAUTID wear plates which is the product of German VAUTID GmbH that DOKA is the distributor , production of ready to install construction made of VAUTID plates and production of formed plates are our one of the most important main activities in wear branch.

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Standard plates

The most used standard dimensions and thicknesses (base material + hardfacing):

Thickness (mm)
Width x Length (mm)             
2400 X 1150 2900 X 1400

Base materials:
  • Structural Steel: RSt 37.2 (S235JRG2), St 52.3 (S355J2G3)
  • Boiler Plate: H II (P265GH), 15Mo3 (16Mo3), 13CrMo44 (13CrMo4-5), 1.4878
  • Fine Grain Structural Steels: StE 690 V (S690QL)
  • Fine Grain Wear Resistant Steels: with 300,400 and 500 Brinell

Highlights of VAUTID Wear Plates

The most important feature of VAUTID wear plates (VVP) which makes it unique is “metal-arc-process”. This very special production technique which is applied by VAUTID only among the competitors , provides many advantages like minimum dilution of hardfaced layer in to the base material , much more primary carbides and hardness , excellent constancy of thicknesses of both deposit layer&base material comparing the other conventional methods.


All VAUTID wear plates are manufactured according to DIN ISO 9001. Raw materials are accepted only from especially qualified and approved suppliers. A rigid control of all materials delivered to VAUTID is the basis of a very narrow production tolerances. An analysis is made in VAUTID’s special laboratory for composition, grain size as well as bulk density.

The microstructure and chemical composition of the hardfacing is analyzed according to a fixed random-test plan. All production is made after these analyses within the narrow VAUTID tolerances. Finished products are checked for straightness and thickness. In some special applications (like fan blades) the plates can be tested with ultrasonic waves to check the crack status.

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Wear plate types
Plate Name Carbon Content
Chrome Content
Other Alloys
Hardness Typical Areas of Application
VAUTID DELTA 1,8 7 Ti,Mn Tek sıra dolgu 550-620 HV Tek sıra dolgudan sonra 620-670 HV Yüksek darbeye maruz kalan transfer ve besleme şutlarında
VAUTID 100 4,6 28 Mn Tek sıra Vantilatör, seperatör, siklon, İkinci sıra dolgu 650-750 HV İkinci sıradan sonraki dolgular 700-770 HV Vantilatör , seperatör , siklon ,değirmen astar plakaları olarak fan kanatları , demir çelik tesislerinde soğuk sinter elekleri olarak
VAUTID 100 K 1,9 28 Ni,Mo Tek sıra dolgu 360-400HV İkinci sıra dolgu 380-420 HV İkinci sıradan sonraki dolgular 420-450 HV Sürtünme ve korozyon aşınmalarına maruz kalan astarlar
VAUTID 100 T 4,6 28 Ni,Mo 650-750 HV 350-550°C sıcaklık aralığında çalışan fanlarda astar ve kanat olarak, aynı sıcaklık aralığında çalışan demir çelik tesislerindeki sinter eleklerinde
VAUTID 143 4,8 22 Nb,Mn Tek sıra dolgu 630-720 HV , İkinci sıra dolgu 630-770 HV İkinci sıradan sonraki dolgular 720-830 HV Açık madencilik ekipmanları,konveyör şutları, bagger kazıcıları astar plakaları olarak
VAUTID 145 5,5 22 Nb,Mo,W,V Tek sıra dolgu ort.660 HV İkinci sıra dolgu ort.750 HV İkinci sıradan sonraki dolgular 700-860 HV Sıcak gaz vantilatörlerinde, sıcak sinter eleklerinde


4,5 27 B,Mn Tek sıra dolgu 680-740 HV İkinci sıra dolgu 720-800 HV İkinci sıradan sonraki dolgular 770-830 HV Çimento fabrikalarında kül/toz sevk boru ve dirseklerinde
VAUTID 176 5,5 14 Ni,Nb,B Tek sıra dolgu 720-820 HV İkinci sıra dolgu 820-960 HV İkinci sıradan sonraki dolgular > 1000 HV Aşırı sürtünme ve darbeye maruz bölgelerde
VAUTID 200 4,5 25 v,Ti Tek sıra dolgudan sonra > 720 HV Yüksek sürtünme , düşük darbe olan bölgelerde
VAUTID 300 4,5 28 %25W2C 2200 HV Aşırı sürtünmenin olduğu şut ve eleklerde

Application examples

Cement plants

6   6  6
6   6  6

Steel industry

6   6  6

Coal Power Plants

6   6  6

Other application examples

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